Can I save money on my build-Out by leasing a 2nd Generation Space?

If you can find the right 2nd generation space that matches well with your businesses construction needs, you can save BIG money. Finish out of a first generation space can be easier since you are building on a blank canvas, but you are also starting from nothing. First generation spaces allow you to select where […]

How important is location when it comes to the success of my business?

Choosing a business location is one of the most important aspects of starting a small business. Finding the right location can mean everything. It can dictate foot traffic, business atmosphere and long-term success for your small business. Imagine if you are in a large, busy shopping center where there are 20,000 people a day driving […]

I want to open a restaurant, where do I begin?

There are over 1 million restaurant locations in the United States, and 60% of restaurants fail within the first year. How to avoid the common mistakes that plague most new restaurateurs. Whatever background or level of experience you come from, nothing can totally prepare you for starting your first restaurant, or really starting any business. […]

Will I need architects and engineers for my buildout?

In order to get permits for your buildout from your local county or city, most projects will require architect and engineering stamps of approval. If you are building a free standing building for your business or if you are building out a first generation space and you are in a county or city that requires […]

What is a 1st Generation Space vs. 2nd Generation Space?

1st generation is a new, empty shell and a 2nd generation has previously been another business. 2nd generation space, or “2nd gen”, is a space that has been built out with ceilings, walls, millwork, plumbing, HVAC and more. The space has been completely finished out by the previous tenant. A 1st generation space is an […]

Should I consider a franchise over a startup?

Starting a new company, no matter if it’s a franchise or your own startup, is going to require a lot of time, money and risk.  So choose wisely. In a study conducted by FranNet, it was concluded that 92 percent of franchises were still in business after two years and 85 percent after the first […]